Photographers are rarely writers. Writers are rarely visual. I am both. 
For headshots I won't pick up my camera until we've talked about your story. What story do you want your photos to tell? How do you want people to read you? Imagine the people you're facing when you're 'inside the story' of your photo. Search within yourself for that 'character', which is uniquely you. It'll surprise you how that affects the way you hold yourself.
Among my CORPORATE CLIENTS: Canadian Exchange Traded Funds Association, Canadian Tax Foundation, Mindpath Financial Conferences, General Electric (, Toronto Lawyers Association, Bishop's University Alumni Association.
I love the arts. In my PERFORMING ARTS section you'll see international and nationally renown actors, dancers and musicians.
Finally, I've travelled the world seeking stories wherever I go. In my SCAPES section, cities such as NYC, London, Paris, Florence, St. Petersburg, Washington, and my present home-base, Toronto, are featured. So are landscapes from all over the globe...the Peruvian Amazon, the Alberta Rockies, Ontario Lakes, and the Canadian Maritimes.
What's your story?